Mayor says Boston needs 53,000 new housing units by 2030 – Business – The Boston Globe

A major win for several reasons.  The need to change zoning restrictions is front and center as is minimizing tge parking requires.   Outlying neighborhoods with transit access are prioritized for up zoning.   The report sets an overall target, not a weaselly affordable units one.  The private sector is embraced and in intelligent ways.  Rather than building expensive affordable housing downtown, where it is little more than a pricy balm for liberal guilt, it is directed towards where it can be built profitably.   Same with the middle income units. 

I suspect the target is too low given that boston may well reach 700k residents by 2020.  But a very good first step. 

Edit. It looks like the report totals don’t include more high end construction, which is bound to occur as well.


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