How We Excuse Poor Governance

For Mayor de Blasio, Dollar Amounts Have Moral Value, Too

A budget is not a moral document.  Precisely because resources are limited and tradeoffs between food causes are necessary, a budget can never be perfectly moral.  Our government and society also occasion the spending of money on immoral causes (eg agricultural subsidies, salaries to sexually abusive teachers who cannot be fired etc).   We live under the laws of men, not in some heavenly kingdom. 

Defending a budget as moral concedes that the tradeoffs were poorly made and tough compromises never hammered out.  Instead we have the first deficit in two decades (and during a time of plenty) and huge obligations to be paid 3 years down the road. The author knows this.  As does de Blasio in all likelihood.  We are eating our seed corn; only a vague argument about morality can possibly defend that. 


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