The Housing Idiocy We Tolerate

Davidson: How the de Blasio Housing Plan Is Good, If Wishful, Thinking

New construction does not drive prices up.  Demand does! Saying otherwise is pure insanity.  In a tight supply constrained market new construction can be a leasing indicator of which area the wealthy will spread to next.  However it us the fundamental under supply that drives the relocation of the wealthy.  Without that construction they’d move somewhere else.  What horrendous derp.

No one should applaud a goal of 80k.   That number is a tenth of what is needed.  Nor should we applaud a program that encourages people to stay on over large apartments because of subsidized rent. 

Lastly the focus on design is beyond dumb.  The past decade of nearly only high end construction has led to endless blocks of identical, ugly architecture.   A freer market with more actors developers and builders is far MORE likely to produced varied and interesting design. 

Zoning is the issue.  Mass land use reform is needed.  And Davidson can’t even acknowledge it. 


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