Designers and Critics Should Not Ever Make Transport Policy

In which The Times discovers waterfront light rail

Among the idiocies in the Times piece.  Spending far more for light rail than the busses it would replace.  Mixed traffic running is worthless. 
Prioritizing interconnections between fancy neighborhoods rather than between transitless neighborhoods and job centers.  Let’s stop fetishizing office and tech, whatever that means, development outside of the urban core, where offices should be.    There’s a reason subways densely pack Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn and LIC.   Those are the places where offices should go.  
That this project should be a priority over building subways in much of Queeens, nostrand and Utica aves, or finishing the 2nd Avenue line is rank stupidity.  
Finally comes the idea that now that fancy white people live in Astoria or Red Hook more transit is needed.   That’s just racist.  It’s not like people haven’t been living there for decades.  Especially in Astoria there’s been no population growth.  Only turnover. 


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