DeBlasio v Cuomo

I find this fight to be completely and utterly obnoxious:

DeBlasio needs his tax increase still, despite Cuomo’s offer of state funds (that could be used for all cities statewide too!), which, to any reasonable human being, would be considered a win.  Taxation without purpose is destructive and confiscatory; the latter reason perhaps figuring into DeBlasio’s calculations.  

Statewide revenue, in any case, is far better than a tax on the wealthiest city dwellers.  Income taxes on the wealthy are exceedingly volatile.  States that rely on them, like California, have strongly procyclical budgets, as during every recession, tax revenue dries up far faster than the shrinking of the economy, as the wealth of the richest depends heavily on investments and bonuses, which are by definition, procyclical.  Statewide revenue is more stable and the state has a greater ability to borrow in times of need anyhow.

Last, Cuomo is right.  There is every reason to doubt DeBlasio’s ability to put into place a full PreK program by September.  Even city administrator extraordinaire and pleniopotentiary, Joe Lhota, didn’t claim he could do that.  DeBlasio has no executive experience.  Some humility would be a good place to start.


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